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Found my way to happiness.

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Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Dreams

Aug 30, 2014   108 Notes. // Reblog
  • Him: What do you always wish for?
  • Her: I wish to go back to the old me before I met him. I want to be that lively, cheerful girl again. Someone who doesn't depend her entire happiness on another who won't stay for long. Someone who believes in other people's goodness. Someone who trusts people easily because she has not yet known how it feels like to be betrayed. I want to go back to being someone who can make a stand and say no to the things I highly object to and never become someone who says yes because she doesn't have a choice. I wish I could be my old self again. A girl who is naive to the corruption that rules this world. One who believes that everyone deserves to have someone who would treat them well. One who still has faith in fairy tales and that they have a place in reality too. One who believes in the power of love and happy ever afters. One who is smart enough to make decisions that would make her feel better and not just settle for someone or something that only causes her pain. I hope I can turn back time and still be that girl who knows when to let go and when to hold on. If only I could.

Aug 30, 2014   58 Notes. // Reblog

""Move on na girl." Hindi kasi nila alam kung gaano kasakit yung maiwan ka ng wala man lang valid na dahilan. Basta naging cold nalang siya. "

Aug 30, 2014   75 Notes. // Reblog

"She`s been hurt once. She`s now scared to get attached again. "

— Letter word story #33 (via fuckyeahmeyn)

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Aug 30, 2014   0 Notes. // Reblog

"The path to recovery is not to find someone new for yourself, but to find someome new in yourself. "

— Anonymous

Aug 30, 2014   181013 Notes. // Reblog

Aug 30, 2014   0 Notes. // Reblog

Sobrang sakit ng ulo ko tapos iyak pa ako ng iyak. Pugto na mga mata ko. Ngayon lang ako nakasigaw ng ganon. Sobrang bigat sa dibdib. Feeling ko ngayon nauubusan na ako ng hininga sa kaiiyak. Fvck this life.

Aug 29, 2014   80 Notes. // Reblog

"I still love you but I don’t deserve you anymore. "

— (via yhndr)

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Aug 25, 2014   287 Notes. // Reblog

"If it still hurts, you still care. "

Aug 25, 2014   0 Notes. // Reblog

You’re still the one that I love

Aug 25, 2014   221 Notes. // Reblog

"You can replace me, but you can’t replace the memories you had with me. "

— (via kimpoyfeliciano)


(via kimpoyfeliciano)

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